Some people say when a child comes to this world , he/she is a blank sheet of paper or a piece of wet clay. As the adult train them to differentiate between good and bad , the blank paper starts to get filled / the clay starts getting molded .

At the beginning of the life those writing on papers are probably with pencil which can be erased by an eraser and the clay can be re-molded, but the parents have a tiring job of helping the kind fill the paper again or remodel the clay in the right form. Through the ages , these writings tend to convert into ink instead of pencil lead and the clays start getting hard to get permanent structures.

My parents taught me a lot of nice things tiredlessly including loving , respecting others irrespective of the dress they wear, the food they eat , the money in there wallet . Many of those teachings have helped me to get friends .. real friends how every short that list may be .

Of all those things they taught me , one tiny thing that i got used to was to celebrate birthdays . There was a time in our life where we had barely enough to make our  ends meet, but still we celebrated with what ever little we had . There were no expensive gifts  but there was the feeling of celebration which got smiles onto our faces.

In a age where materialism  ( read consumerism) seems to be the  key to win love, this was a very different teaching which got sketched into my life and got molded into part of what i am today . As John Keats once said …

The poetry of earth is never dead

Baba (Dr. Ravindra Nath Mukerjee) left us for a different non earthly journey on 29th July 2015 .  His sudden and unplanned journey was very difficult for all us .  Losing a loved one is really a difficult time where one is deluged with memories of gratitude of the departed soul. The memory and sorry engulfed  all of us so much , we didn’t get to celebrate  26th September 2015 a year he would have turned 65.

If he would have been alive today he would have turned 66 on 26th September . There is a wide belief that death is just a new beginning with a merger of soul with the Brahmana. To say it differently , the soul lives on. So  what prevents us from wishing the soul a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY .

Where ever you are i do hope you have a lovely day . A very Happy Birthday Baba