Yawn! I wake up to find sun light shining through the window and into my eyes. I roll the other way, but now that I was awake I just couldn’t go back to sleep. So I slowly rolled out of bed and headed to my parent’s room.

“Come on please, everyone else did it” I hear from outside their door. Before anyone else speaks I knock on their door. Knock! Knock!

“Come in” my mom’s voice says. I open the door, and see my mom’s jolly face staring at me standing and my dad’s tired face staring at me from bed .

“Let me guess, you just woke up to?” I asked my mom and dad.

“Yes” they both answered. Grumble! Grumble! My stomach said.

“Oops” I said

“It’s ok, go down I will come and make some breakfast” I quickly ran downstairs and as promised a few minutes later my mom came walking down the stairs.

After a good breakfast of omelet my mom told me to get ready and also put on my snow gear because we were going to take some pictures in the snow covered backyard. After 15-20 min I was ready and it took my mom 5 more minutes to get ready and were out the back door trying to get down into the deep snow while my dad got ready.

“How are we supposed to get down when we can’t even see the wooden stairs?” my mom asked

“Don’t worry I have some expertise in this, since I played in deeper snow then this. So I guided my mom down the snow covered wooden stairs and we were finally in the 12in deep snow filled garden. We started with pictures like close-up pictures and went on to mid-adventure pictures like snow falling on my head. My personal favorite is called scheming because it looks like I am planning something.  In the middle my dad came rushing through the door and into the backyard. I also tried but failed miserably in making a snow kid. If you don’t know what a snow kid is it is a snow man just small so it has 2 balls instead of 3, and is dressed like a kid. Here is a tip for making snowkids\snowmen\snowwoman\snowbaby: start with snow from around the base of the snowkids\snowmen\snowwoman\snowbaby. Soon we were all hungry, not regular food, but spicy food.

“Is anyone hungry” my mom asked my dad and me a while later.

“Sure let’s eat, what do you want?” my dad questioned her.

“Something spicy” my mom replied

“Like taste of Szechuan!” me and mom said at the same time.

“Jinx!” I yelled at her. We all laughed. Ha! Ha! Ha!

My day in the snow had come to an end, but this fun day had just begun.