Its 3 years today  that i got that fateful phone call at precisely 3:10 AM (PST or 3:40 PM IST)  on 29th July that i have been scared since the day i left home. It is  a phone call  probably every kid like me who had to move away from parents , knows has to take some day or other , is petrified to take and sincerely  hopes and prays it doesn’t come ever. Such is the irony of life. 

Me and Baba travelling from Malaysia to Kolkata – June 2015

Twenty-ninth July 2015 was one such day for me when Baba ( my father) left us all so suddenly  to go to the higher plane of existence and  join the brahmana. It is 3 years today  but still  it feels like he will pop up with a phone call asking me how i am doing . So much so even 3 years down the line i have not been able to remove his number from my phone . I know that number is probably assigned to some one else but i cant make myself to go and delete the number . That is probably (albeit silly) my way of dealing with his memories.

In the end all we have left are memories . Those bits and pieces of time that we spent together laughing , crying  or even fighting put a remarkable permanent  mark on our memory map. On special happy and sad days ,  natural programming of human brain tend to drag our mind  pin to those memory spots and  we get deluged with the memories of the times we spend together. 

Among all those memories , there is one song that baba use to sing and is ringing in my ears today so sharing it out …  Jalte hain jiske liye …..