Eleven is a very special number. Did you know it is the first repdigit and is the smallest positive integer requiring three syllables?  No doubt sports teams like soccer, cricket or even American football have 11 people per side. Now isn’t that interesting ?

A few lines for the little gem who turns eleven , definitely for us a gift from heaven .

Little Vyom is little no more 
You are  “Eleven” says the lore 
Graduating from elementary 
Time for a brand new entry .

Its no more addition and subtraction 
 Time for Algebra , Geometry or extraction
Moving on from being a little baby
Fear not as there is always a layby

Eleven is a very special number 
Look and learn .. don’t be a lumber 
Never forget to respect others 
Try to make the right druthers 

Try more to enjoy life’s simple pleasures 
Learn to differentiate between gifts and treasures 
Enjoy as ever this day 
Wish you a very Happy Birthday 


Vyom on his first birthday … be excited about new things all your life 
Time to move on ….