Want to know your psychological behaviour ?

Today I was playing with an interesting and enjoyable concept called TweetPscych . Its a  site which is still in beta and only for entertainment purposes  that puts linguistic analysis algorithms to work figuring out just what’s with the most compulsive Twitter users out there. The site, developed by Dan Zarrella ,a social & viral marketing scientist  builds a “psychological profile” of a given Twitter user based on his or her last 1,000 tweets by running the text against two…

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Time Magazine in June had a cover story entitled “How Twitter will change the way we live” . It is definitely an interesting read .The magazine – a barometer of sorts about what’s important in the world – expounds on all things Twitter ranging from the very basics about how it works, the power of real-time search, its application ecosystem, and its cultural significance, among other things. I too like pointed out in the article was very skeptical about this…

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